Installations / Window Displays

What can our team create for you?

We create precision formed designs that are visually unique and have a strong element of hand-craftsmanship.

This allows us to build and design the space around you, attracting and inspiring people with the arts of paper. We lift your surroundings by bringing your story to life.



When should I place my order? 

The time we need to finish your order will depend on several variables, including the size of the installation or display, the material needed and the concept itself. Meet our design team the soonest to discuss the vision and agree on a timeline.

Our Projects

On The Rocks Backdrop


On The Rocks Ice cream

This project made out of 100 Geometric shape using German high quietly paper materials took 25 working hours. Photography & Videography: Ahmad Aqraa


Wear Your story


Pin Wheels Joy

The launch of Pin Wheel collection by Zeina Ali, Jordanian Fashion designer.

Pinwheels originally appeared in during the nineteenth century, as they provided many children with hours of enjoyment and happiness. The pinwheel consisted of 4 plastic of paper curls that start turning once a breeze comes. In many parts on the world Pinwheels symbolize innocence, unseen energy, and joy!

And this is where Zeina Ali got her inspiration from her new collection, as the message behind her new collection is Enjoy Your Life. Zeina wants women to enjoy every moments of their journey, just like the pinwheels enjoy the soft breeze.



Design Institute Amman


Geometric wall installations

We were asked to collaborate with the Design Institute Amman and create a geometrical installation.

The final design resulted in an array of tonal variations and shadows when light is cast on the surfaces. The wall panel was handmade using aluminum-covered boards and was installed on a 12 square meter wall.

This project took 100 working hours. Photography: Ahmad Aqraa


Le Royal Hotels

The Philosophy of Jacob’s Mirror

We hand-folded 200 invitations using navy blue luxuriant Italian paper for the Jordanian make-up artist event, “Jacob Lambaz.”

The philosophy of Jacob’s mirrors was also introduced at the entrance, with an installation created using aluminum-covered boards folded geometrically.

The art director Suzanna Dawaghreh designed the main dancer’s dress, which was created with hand-folded paper. Photography: Estudio

The Switch Gaming Center

Horror Window Display

We were tasked with designing a 2m window installation for The Switch gaming center, made out of 900 origami bats with Geometrical shapes on the floor.

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