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What can our team create for you?

It’s what made us fall in love with this type of work: the possibilities of making dreams happen.

We know every client is different, so we take on each event as a new and exciting challenge. Our designs are tailored to meet your needs and budget; we like to call it made-to-measure.

 We thrive on having days/weeks/months to create a dream, a few hours to set it all up and a few precious minutes to take it all down again. It’s exhilarating. It’s our love, our passion and our dream job.

You don’t need an invite, get in touch

Do you need an invitation or other stationary for your wedding/event? We create personalized invitations, save-the-date cards, place cards, thank you cards and more with our range of wedding stationary. Perfect for any style or theme, choose from our list of cards, envelopes, stamps and more. Handmade (and/or themed) wedding stationary is the first step to ensuring the memorable wedding you hope for.

Favours & Accessories

It’s not just the event itself, it’s also the memories of it that count. That’s why we give you the option of adding a personal touch to your event / wedding and engaging your guests with unique and personalized favors that fit with your theme and requirements.

Our Projects

Wedding Favors

Origami Sculptures

This 320 hand-folded origami sculptures of Reindeer and Unicorn are made of iridescent Italian paper with golden paper covers the horns or  Swarovski crystals on top of the head. put on a handmade Plexiglas package and a mirror ground.

height: 13cm, dimension: 12cm

hand-folded paper using the Japanese technique of origami
iridescent Italian paper beautiful texture and resistance, the color never fades

This sculpture is perfect for fine decoration for the table of your most beautiful events.
Thanks to the glass bell, the sculpture will never be stained with dust or anything else.

This creation designed by: Suzan Dawaghreh and Qubatrus team.
Video and photographer: Ahmad Aqraa 



American Community School

Over 3000 flying Crane birds 

For a graduation ceremony, the American Community School ordered 400 foldable invitation cards and 3,000 crane birds to be layered together on an 8m ceiling at the Fairmont Amman hotel.

We also provided 400 blue, small crane birds as center pieces.
To prepare for this event, it took 250 folding hours and to set it up, it took 24 hours.
Event planning: Eyad Jammal. Photography: Ahmad Aqraa.



Hyatt Amman Hotel

Musharbash Wedding

For a fancy white Hawaiian wedding concept,  we folded around 600 white crane birds and hanged them together like a chandelier over  the dance floor, and another 16 crane bird hanged on a white tree as a center piece for each table.

We also folded 600 napkins before the wedding starts on a Crane birds shape

preparing for this event, it took 250 folding hours and to set it up, it took 24 hours.
Event planning: Sa’ad Bitar. Photography: Ahmad Aqraa.


King Hussein club 

International Amman Academy 2018

 After graduation party for International Amman Academy themed by paper planes.

we have been asked to make 1200 paper plane and hang them over the dancing floor, and to create paper plane wave as center pieces on the tables. plus little tiny paper planes to put in the favors, to hang in a helium balloons and on the top of the cake. 

We had lot of fun during the setup of this event as we started at 2am and finish it at 6pm.  Event planning: Zaina Darwaza. Video&photo: Ahmad aqraa. 


Ikebana and Japanese Arts Exhibition

The Flower became me 

The Philosophy of this amazing Ikebana event was created by the artist Randa Kawar, In the presence of the Jordanian Minister of Environment and the ambassador of Japan in Jordan, we created origami set ups for some of the Ikebana designs and a small artistic exhibition including some lighting designs and ceiling installation. 

This event was organized by: Randa Kawar, in Al-Fuhais, Jordan 2018. 



Outdoor Wedding event

Qubatrus special Wedding

 We have designed and worked on so many events. Its always challenging to create something that is strong enough to engage your attention in this giant space. This time we worked on 3 different scales of prototypes to ensure that it feels just right in the space, This Was Qubatrus studio founder wedding, so it was not easy to make decisions.  

We just love the rush of the event installation itself, when all that hard work of the careful planning and preparation all comes together and the final composition comes to life. A 1000 Crane birds, 20 huge roses, lots of flowers, huge 3d origami swan, 200 3d swans for giveaways, a lighting centerpieces and the spirit of the team, this is what made this wedding so special. Photos&video by: Ahamd Aqraa


Thousand Cranes for longevity & good fortune

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